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The Path Forward


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the-path-forwardRicochet: The Path Forward

St. Salieri February 27, 2016

So … I’m just curious about what the implications of the following scenarios would be from a host of Ricochetti.

  1. Trump wins the nomination, results:
    1. The Party fractures further
      1. The Party goes through a period of realignment
        1. The Party breaks more right
        2. The Party breaks more left
        3. The Party dies in all but name
        4. Trump’s new supporters collapse the party and from the ashes a new type of GOP arises
      2. One or several third parties is born or existing ones take on new members
      3. The Left gains for a cycle to a generation
      4. Third party run of another moderate and/or Republican
      5. The Democrat wins
    2. Trump grows the Party Scissors-32x32.png

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