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Hillary Clinton Backed Off Crackdown on Chemical Dangerous to Pregnant Women After Dow Chemical Joined Clinton Global Initiative


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COLUMBIA, S.C. — Hillary Clinton said that a dangerous chemical could harm pregnant women and infants and needed to be regulated, but she appears to have backed away from the issue after the nation’s largest corporate producer of the chemical started partnering with and eventually giving money to the Clinton Global Initiative and an advisory firm linked to former President Bill Clinton.


Clinton is battling for the African-American vote ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina primary by focusing on the Flint water crisis.


Clinton’s personal and financial relationship with the CEO of Dow Chemical, which produces the industrial solvent Trichloroethylene (TCE), sheds light on the innerworkings of the Clinton financial empire and reveals Clinton’s willingness to take money from interests that she once publicly challenged.


Hillary Clinton said that TCE was a danger to pregnant women and infants

Clinton wrote a letter to then-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Stephen L. Johnson on October 5, 2005 stating that children and seniors are vulnerable to the toxic effects of TCE, which is mostly used as a metal degreaser, and urging the EPA to take action to stop the chemical from harming people.


“Endicott, Hopewell Junction and Ithaca are known to be contaminated with volatile organic compounds where TCE is also known to be present,” Clinton’s Senate office said in a press release at the time touting her letter.


The political pressure on Clinton and other New York lawmakers at the time was intense due to a case in Hopewell Junction where vapor intrusion caused by contaminated underground water reportedly seeped into the air in people’s houses, causing public health concerns among residents. The EPA reportedly found pollution in the well water in at least five homes in Hopewell Junction while testing to determine if TCE was present.



Some chemicals are more equal than others.

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