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Report: Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval Being Vetted by White House for Open SCOTUS Seat


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report-nevada-gov-brian-sandoval-being-vetted-by-white-house-for-open-scotus-seatThe Blaze:

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, is being vetted by the White House as the possible replacement to the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, according to a new report from the Washington Post Wednesday afternoon.


Just when the situation looked to be at an impasse and that the court would have to operate through the rest of the calendar year with just eight justices, a Sandoval nomination could break the resolve of many Senate Republicans, who have already said they will not consider any nomination from President Barack Obama.


According to the Post, Sandoval met with Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a fellow Nevadan, Wednesday to discuss his possible nomination.


A person familiar with the conversation said that while Sandoval told Reid he had not made a final decision on whether he would accept a Supreme Court nomination, he would allow the vetting process to move forward. Another person in Nevada familiar with the process confirmed that the process is underway.



Despite the controversy surrounding the issue in Washington, a Sandoval nomination could be one that succeeds. Prior to becoming governor of Nevada, Sandoval was unanimously confirmed as a federal district court judge in 2005 after being nominated by former President George W. Bush.



Here comes the new judge?

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I understand he's pro death Pro Choice. I got a problem with that.

That seat is a Pro Life Seat! If the Dems can use that argument...so can we.

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The GOP’s Sandoval SCOTUS Trap


How badly does President Obama want to be able to choose his third Supreme Court justice? If you believe the rumors being floated in Washington about Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval being vetted for a nomination, the answer is pretty badly. The president knows that no matter how much he, Democrats and their allies in the liberal media attack Senate Republicans, there’s no way they will let him flip the Supreme Court from the 5-4 conservative alignment that prevailed until the death of Justice Antonin Scalia into a 5-4 liberal majority that may last for a generation. The Republican caucus doubled down on this stand yesterday when its leaders said they wouldn’t even waste their time meeting with anyone appointed by Obama to fill a post they’d never get.


The Sandoval trial balloon is a clever response to that tactic. If he were to be nominated GOP senators would not only find it impossible to refuse to meet with him. They would probably also need to hold confirmation hearings and a vote, or at least one on ending a filibuster.


The reasons for that are obvious.


Unlike the two Obama choices that currently sit on the court — Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — Sandoval would not be considered a hard line ideological liberal. He is, after all, a Republican and a popular governor that many in the GOP had wanted to recruit to run for the Senate seat that Minority Leader Harry Reid is vacating this year. He was also a Federal district judge that was appointed by President George W. Bush and confirmed by a unanimous Senate vote. The fact that he is a Hispanic would also make it hard for Republican senators to ignore or even to vote against him.Scissors-32x32.png



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Sandoval: The Silliest Trial Balloon Ever?

John Hinderaker

February 24, 2016




So the Post is doing the bidding of the White House in reporting that Obama is “considering” and “weighing” nominating Sandoval. The Post continues:




[E]ven the prospect of his nomination poses a difficult dilemma for Senate Republicans who have promised not to consider any nomination before November’s elections.


No, it doesn’t. Obama can “consider” and “weigh” all he wants, but the idea that this somehow puts pressure on Senate Republicans is a White House fantasy. Should Obama actually nominate Sandoval–which he won’t–the Republicans can do as they choose, either confirm him or not.




My guess is that he will “weigh” and “consider” and “vet” for some months before doing anything, all the while whining about how he is being blocked by unreasonable Republicans. That will give him a chance to keep an eye on the polls and perhaps revert to Plan B if Hillary looks so weak that she can’t win.

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