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Libya Winning Race for Site of Obama’s Next War?


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libya-winning-race-for-site-of-obamas-next-warVia Meadia:

Walter Russell Mead

Feb. 5 2016


Five years after the Obama Administration intervened in Libya to help topple Muammar Ghadafi, the U.S. may be sending troops back to Libya. The Wall Street Journal reports:




Has somebody made another inflammatory video? Because the action in Libya is heating up.


When it was just desolation and mayhem for Libyans, the Obama administration was content to let the country stew in the ruins of the “humanitarian war” unleashed by some people who hadn’t bothered to study the lessons of Iraq but still wanted to look like humanitarian heroes. But now that ISIS is making huge strides, the chaos and misery isn’t just a local problem anymore, and Western governments, including the U.S., seem to be looking at another military intervention of some kind.


A new war in Libya could have an effect on the Democratic nominating process: this was Hillary’s war as much as anybody’s, and the less said about it the better from her point of view.



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