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Obama Proposes New $10 Oil Tax


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obama-proposes-new-10-tax-on-oilLegal Insurrection : Obama Proposes New $10 Oil Tax

Posted by Fuzzy Slippers February 5, 2016 at 8:30am

The cost of which he knows full well will be passed on to consumers

In his last year in office, Obama promised to be more bold (reckless?) in pushing his agenda, and one thing that has long irritated him about our great country is our consumption of oil.


To address this pet peeve of his, Obama has released a budget in which he proposes a $10 per barrel tax hike on oil; the money, he says, will go to boost the failed “green” energy economy for which he’s long pined. Never mind his embarrassing and costly past plans to boost the green energy sector.


The Hill reports:


President Obama will propose a $10-per-barrel fee on oil production to fund a new green transportation plan, the White House announced Thursday.


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