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A Tale of Two Senators


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tale-two-senatorsRicochet: A Tale of Two Senators

Frank Soto / February 4, 2016


He was the most conservative of senators; He was nearly the most conservative of senators. He rode to office on a wave of anti-establishment support; He also rode to office on a wave of anti-establishment support. He supported amnesty (or lied about it); He also supported amnesty. Really, there wasn’t a dime’s worth of policy difference between them. Yet one was the darling of the right, and one was the establishment hack.


Narratives can take on a life of their own. Nowhere is this more evident than the contest between Senators Cruz and Rubio. By any objective measurement, the two are remarkably similar in terms of voting records and preferred policy positions. Despite this reality, it has become almost a cliché that Cruz is the anti-establishment hero of the right, while Rubio is a puppet of GOP leadership. Scissors-32x32.png


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That's because he's an (cue the theme from Jaws) Evil Establishment RINO who hates all True Blue Real Conservatives!







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