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Arthur Guinness starts making stout at the St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin 1759


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Dark Secrets Of Draught

In 1759, Arthur Guinness leased a small brewery at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, for a period of 9000 years. His business began by brewing Dublin Ale which had problems as a product in that it had to be served up to the customer as a blend from several different barrels.

Seeing the advantages of a new kind of beer named ‘entire’, or ‘porter’ which could be served from a single barrel, Arthur decided to try brewing it and thus made the first of the vital business moves which were to secure him and his product a place in history.

Guinness ‘porter’ was an outstanding success and within ten years, St. James’s Gate was on it’s a way to becoming the greatest stout brewery of all time. By 1815, sales of Guinness had increased threefold and the brew was known all over the world.

In 1822, Arthur’s son (also Arthur) introduced a new business idea which was to change Guinness and the world. He laid down the exact specifications for brewing of ‘Extra Superior Porter’ - a stronger, ‘lasting’ beer, brewed only with the very best of materials, using more hops than usual, and with the new dimension of consistency.

This development, which pioneered the ground - breaking concept of ‘branding’, initiated a rapid expansion of the business to international status.






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