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Nasa announcement today: Why people think agency is about to reveal that it has found aliens on Pluto


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Nasa is about to make an “amazing” announcement about Pluto, according to a senior scientist, who described the planet as “alive”.


Dr Alan Stern, who leads the New Horizons mission to Pluto, said during a university speech that the agency was about to reveal new information today.


"Nasa won't let me tell you what we're going to tell you on Thursday,” he said during the speech. “It's amazing."


That was the only thing that Stern said, and the agency has otherwise remained tight-lipped about its announcement. Usually, Nasa trails its big announcements and hosts them live on its Nasa TV channel.


But Stern said that “the world is alive”, leading many to hope that the discovery will be aliens. But it almost certainly won't be.


“It has weather, it has hazes in the atmosphere, active geology... Every week I am floored."Scissors-32x32.png



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