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Donald Trump vs. James Madison


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donald-trump-vs-james-madisonThe Federalist :

Donald Trump vs. James Madison


By Robert Tracinski SEPTEMBER 2, 2015


recently tried to identify six groups of supporters of Donald Trump’s presidential bid. Afterwards, I got a lot of complaints that I left off a seventh group that a lot of his supporters say they belong to.


My categories weren’t entirely meant to be disparaging, by the way. “Outright racists”? Yeah, that’s disparaging, but I had to include it, because the most unfortunate thing about Trump’s campaign is the way it has drawn White Power types out of the woodwork on social media, so anyone who criticizes him gets an earful from people who want the United States to be a special preserve, not just for white Europeans, but for people of “Anglo” descent. Scissors-32x32.png

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