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Vice President Cheney And Liz Cheney On Their New Book “Exceptional”


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Hugh Hewitt Show:

Hugh Hewitt

Monday, August 31, 2015


Former Vice President Dick Cheney and former senior State Department official Liz Cheney joined me in hour three of today’s show to discuss their new book, Exceptional:




(Transcript at site)



HH: Mr. Vice President, in Exceptional, you and Liz talk a great deal about the specifics of the rollout of the Iranian deal, and how three lies were told in the President’s first speech about the Iranian deal. And it’s only gotten worse since then. When you left the vice presidency in January of 2009, did you ever imagine we would even remotely approach this sort of collapse in front of the mullahs?


DC: I never did, Hugh. I must, I had the experience on Inauguration Day in January of ’09. I was struck by the tremendous crowd that was there that day. I felt a certain amount of pride in my country, although I obviously hadn’t voted for Barack Obama, that we were in fact overcoming another barrier to equality and so forth, electing an African-American president of the United States. That lasted about 48 hours, and then he started talking about prosecuting the career professionals who had carried out our counterterrorism policy on enhanced interrogation. And it was pretty clear that he was headed in the direction that was fundamentally different from anything that I had anticipated. I did not realize he wasn’t just somebody who was a Democrat running. He was somebody with a worldview that doesn’t reflect reality.


HH: Is his worldview different than Jimmy Carter’s, do you think?


DC: I think it is. Now I was never a big fan of Jimmy Carter, as back after the ’76 election, you may remember, President Ford had lost his voice during the course of the campaign. And the morning after the election, I had to call President Carter, then-Governor Carter. President Ford was on the phone, but I had to read the concession statement to Governor Carter. I never actually got over that. That was a tough day for me in my political career. But I think Carter, but this is a man who had served in the Navy, had been in the nuclear Navy at the end of World War II, graduate of Annapolis. I often didn’t agree with his policies. I thought he made some mistakes along the way. But I didn’t see in Jimmy Carter somebody who fundamentally disagreed with the views that had been carried out by earlier Democratic presidents.


HH: And with this president, you do?


DC: With this president, I do..................................(Snip)

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HH: And the last question is for you, Mr. Vice President. I’ve asked you this a few times over the years when you’ve been in the studio or on the phone. Some people say President Obama is simply incompetent. Some people say this was his ideological intention to weaken the United States and push us into worldwide retreat. What is it, in your view – incompetence or ideology?


DC: I think it’s ideology. I have, you know, he’s an intelligence man, but it’s possible early on to go through and see some of these things perhaps as mistakes or misjudgments. But if you put the whole package together now over six years, there’s no way to view it as anything other than his ideology. It’s what he believes.


HH: Liz, do you agree with that?


LC: I do. I think that he certainly has this view that many progressive, many liberals share, which is that America has been a negative influence in the world. You know, he’s gone so far as to travel the world. We have a section in the book called the apology tour that details what he did in his first months in office, which I think was clearly unprecedented in terms of an American president apologizing for this nation at stop after stop after stop. So I think he came into office with the idea he had to withdraw America from the world. And frankly, he also needed resources for his domestic agenda, and a place to get those was from our military budget, which he proceeded to cut significantly.

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Mr. Cheney on the Iran deal
Michael R. Strain

September 1, 2015


Next Tuesday, September 8th, former Vice President Dick Cheney will give a speech at the American Enterprise Institute on the Iran deal and its implications for U.S. security.


Click here to find AEI’s page for the speech. From that page you can livestream the speech. AEI will also host full video of the speech on that page going forward, so you can watch the speech at your leisure.


Here’s the description:



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