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Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells prayer rally: ‘Our heart breaks for America’


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Governor Rick Perry – A man after Gods own heart ?


I will Remove the corruption from Washinton and overturn the Tables!

By: Jane Miceli (Diary) | August 31st, 2015 at 04:30 PM

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells prayer rally: ‘Our heart breaks for America’

Switching channels in the Oklahoma territory is a common practice for anyone who travels the road from I44 to I40 , The first time I ever heard mention of Governor Rick Perry was from a Radio Station commercial that stated the Governor of Texas was invited to speak at a large 20 thousand people Prayer Rally in Texas , although they were more interested that he was being sued for attending than the gathering itself. The separation from church and state lobbyists were already in full affect ready to pounce on this event should the Governor attend. It was a relatively short message yet the fact that a Governor today would go to a Prayer rally quickly peaked my interests. It is just not something Politicians do today in a world full of politically correct non-God fearing men .


Support our Veterans and return the POWER to the PEOPLE, That is who I want for a president, YES! YES! YES! TO a man who is after Gods own Heart. Scissors-32x32.png

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