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Hillary Clinton just held an uncomfortable press conference where she dismissed a question about Bill and North Korea


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hillary-clinton-just-held-a-testy-press-conference-2015-8Business Insider:

Colin Campbell

Aug 28 2015


Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton held a Friday afternoon press conference where she addressed the latest story questioning her State Department record.


She didn't appear to enjoy the experience.


When Fox News' Ed Henry asked Clinton multiple questions, for example, she told him he was only "entitled" to one.


"Well, let me answer one of your questions because I think that is what you are entitled to," she said, speaking in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the national Democratic Party held a gathering.







On what planet are journalists entitled to just one question? Every reporter asks a two or three-parter - even if it irritates the speaker.


12:00 PM - 28 Aug 2015




Hillary was in town and she didn't call or stop be? sad.png


She keeps this up and she'll lose my support. She'll lose the snarky old white guy vote.

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