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How one anti-establishment candidate trumped the other


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donald-trump-vs-ted-cruz-how-one-anti-establishmenWashingrton Times:

Ted Cruz spent more than two years using his seat in the Senate to fight the Republican establishment on behalf of conservative principles, often enduring the scorn of his own party’s brass.


Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman and reality TV star who hasn’t spent a second in public office, just started his national tour bashing the political elite in Washington two months ago. Already, the real estate magnate dwarfs Mr. Cruz in media coverage and presidential polls, even though their messages and issues are nearly identical.


The affinity — and gap — between the two anti-establishment candidates speaks volumes about the state of the electorate. Voters seem averse to anything Washington and appear to be yearning for authenticity and competence, even if it comes with a brash, New York-sized ego.Scissors-32x32.png


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