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How Will Trump Affect a Vulnerable GOP Senate?


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How Will Trump Affect a Vulnerable GOP Senate?

David Sussman August 25, 2015 at 5:07 am 41 COMMENTS


Let’s imagine for a moment that Harry Reid lost his 2010 reelection bid. He wouldn’t have been the Majority Leader who effectively dismantled the US Senate. He couldn’t have protected the boundary-breaking Obama Administration. He wouldn’t have enabled Obama’s agenda, nor could he have shielded the President from dangerous bills that would have forced White House vetoes, humiliating Democrats. Obama would Democrats. Obama would have been hamstrung, unable to fulfill his campaign promise to fundamentally transform the United States.


Maddeningly, Harry Reid was very beatable in 2010. Nevadans disdain Reid, a backwater politico who used his elected offices to gorge on the taxpayer teat, enriching himself and his family. Nevada’s conservative primary voters elected Tea Party darling Sharon Angle Scissors-32x32.pnghttps://ricochet.com/will-trump-effect-a-vulnerable-gop-senate/

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