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A Note To The GOP: I Don’t Think This Will End Well


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a-note-to-the-gop-i-dont-think-this-will-end-wellThe-Conservative-Underground : A Note To The GOP: I Don’t Think This Will End Well


Have you ever noticed how some people just have to poke at a hornet’s nest when they find one? In most cases, that decision ends badly for not only the person holding the stick but for his companions as well.

That is exactly what the GOP seems intent on doing with Donald Trump, and if they persist, it’s not going to end well.


According to a story in Politico, GOP leaders in two states, North Carolina and Virginia, are considering a new requirement for candidates to qualify to get on

the primary ballots. The requirement, which is obviously aimed at Donald Trump, would force candidates to pledge that they would support the eventual GOP nominee in the General election. Scissors-32x32.png

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Well it is the Republican Party Primary. I'd go even farther. You have to be a card carrying dues paying member of the party in order to participate.

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