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Scott Walker On Hugh Hewitt


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governor-scott-walker-on-hillarys-handling-of-national-intelligence-and-the-epa-made-disaster-in-co-nm-and-utHugh Hewitt Show:

Hgh Hewitt

Aug 13 2015










SW: We’ll tag of something deep fried from the fair, I’m sure.


HH: The Fetching Mrs. Hewitt will not allow me to do that. But let me ask you about the biggest story of the day. Three million gallons of heavy metal-filled waste water dumped by EPA into the Animas River, it’s going to make it to the San Juan River in New Mexico, 12,000 times the normal lead level there. This is a disaster not only for the 45,000 people who live in the nearby town, but for the entire ecosystem. And the EPA has basically gone to ground. Now BP after Deepwater Horizon was a hundred times more transparent than the federal government is here. What’s your reaction?


SW: Well, this is, sadly, this is the problem you have not only with the EPA, but with this administration. I mean, no accountability, we don’t see it here, we haven’t seen it with the IRS, we haven’t seen it with the problems in the NSA, we haven’t seen it with the VA. This is part of a pattern where they don’t hold people accountable. Like you said, if this had happened to any other business, they would have a boot on their neck so strong, it would be unbelievable. It’s why my belief is, on this and a whole bunch of other areas, but with the EPA, we should send the powers to enforce the laws back to the states where people who actually live there have to live with not only the consequences of bad decisions like this, but also with making sure we balance good decisions that balance both the need to protect, legitimately protect our natural resources with the need to have a thriving economy. We don’t get that under this administration nor the EPA.


HH: Governor Walker, the EPA administrator for that region is a guy named Sean McGrath. He’s another Obama crony. He was in the White House from day one, or actually January of 2009, then he went over to EPA. He was the mayor of liberal Boulder before this. I think they’re incompetence is so endemic, Katherine Archuleta, who ran OPM and let all the files get pilfered…


SW: Yeah.


HH: How deep does the incompetence run with this gang?


SW: Well, you just see their instinct to put political folks in..............................(Snip)

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