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Ben Carson comes to Council Bluffs


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ben-carson-comes-to-council-bluffs.phpPower Line:

Scott Johnson

August 10, 2015


Nebraska attorney Dave Begley has reported for us from Iowa on appearances by presidential candidates including Democrat/Socialist Bernie Sanders and Republican candidates Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina. As is evident from his report, Dave is Power Line reader who is representative of the kind of active conservative participating in Republican caucuses and (in Dave’e case) primaries. Dave has filed this report on the appearance of Republican candidate Ben Carson in Iowa yesterday:


I spent three and one-half hours at the Ben Carson rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The event was at the pre-Civil War Bayliss Park at the town square. It is a lovely park. I estimated the crowd at 1,000 plus with many from Nebraska, the Dakotas and Missouri. The Iowa campaign co-chair (a female doctor) said they had 2,000 in Des Moines and 1,400 in Cedar Rapids.




A black man named Ishmael attended the event. He was excited to give Dr. Carson a hand-carved African walking stick. I kid you not. (Picture above.)




I suspect many of the people were like my seatmates. They were a couple married for 54 years and they brought their adult daughter. They knew about the event via their Baptist church in Nebraska. The matriarch was long familiar with his book Gifted Hands and had emphasized it at her Catholic grade school where she worked as a librarian.


Carson now owns the evangelical demographic in Iowa. Huckabee and Santorum are finished with that crowd. Carson is the fresh face and he is not a politician. He is trying to pull off the greatest career change in American political history.


He gave his stump speech of about 45 minutes with no notes. He started out saying the stakes for our country are high. He was all ready to retire when he made his second appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast. Only Billy Graham has appeared there twice. Big applause.




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At Council Bluffs rally, Ben Carson says he's tired of Democrats dividing the country[/ul]

Robynn Tysver

August 10 2015



COUNCIL BLUFFS — Ben Carson says he’s tired of Democratic politicians and others trying to divide Americans along income and racial lines.


The Republican presidential contender accused President Barack Obama and others on Sunday of using class warfare and racial “incidents” to drive wedges between Americans and to score political points. He said a divided America would be easier for radical Islamists to attack.


“When the jihadists come over here, before they cut your head off they’re not going to ask if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. They don’t care,” Carson said during an appearance in Council Bluffs’ Bayliss Park, where a crowd of more than 600 people braved a steamy summer day to listen to him.








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Live from Clear Lake: Dems on parade

Scott Johnson

Aug. 15 2015


Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports on appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa for us. Yesterday Dave attended the appearance of the Democratic candidates at the party’s Wing Ding fundraiser in Clear Lake, Iowa. Above the break below Dave reports on the appearance of Madam Hillary, below the break on the appearances of Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley:


I was deep undercover as I wore my Carleton College shirt and put a “I’m Ready Hillary” sticker on my car. I felt like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now far behind enemy lines.


Clear Lake, Iowa is a cross between Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and Lake Okoboji, Iowa: a resort town. The crowd at the event was split between people who were teenagers the day Buddy Holly died and college kids. The college kids conducted a weird football-like pep rally outside the Surf Ballroom. I saw one misguided young man wearing a Dartmouth 2019 T-shirt.




Hillary was the main show. I was impressed with her act. She was all amped up. She gave the best presentation and her speech was composed well. She started by asserting that the wingding dinner was comparable to Harkin’s steak fry. She did not have what we plebeians ate. It was horrible. Exaggeration is a form of lying so she was true to form.


She then made a joke of sorts. Hillary said that she had a Snapchat conversation the other day and was glad to see it disappear automatically. Big laughs. Is the FBI laughing?


In answer to Carly’s question, Hillary claimed that as Secretary of State she fought for women and girls around the world. Vague and amorphous pap. Her other main achievement at State was “crippling sanctions” that brought Iran to the table and she made the promise that Iran would NEVER get a nuke. How reassuring.



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