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Some people just won't follow the rules.




When Common Ground Politics was going, most people there kept talking about Peace Peace Peace. I would ask a small simple question.. "Name me a 10 year period in the 6,000 years of recorded history when there hasn't been a war." Everyone keeps talking about Peace. I am left with 2 conclusions 1. We're lying, we really want war 2. We're no good at peace. Because we're really really really good at war and killing each other...its what we do.


Now that's a nice depressing thought!

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Sheriff's office in Michigan searches for possible highway shooter
Joe Sutton
Aug. 29 2015

(CNN)Authorities in southern Michigan are investigating the possibility that someone fired upon vehicles on two freeways.

Several motorists driving on I-94 and I-69, notified law enforcement that their vehicles sustained damage from some type of projectile, the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office said.

Authorities received the first report on Aug 19. That report led police to uncover more cases dating between July 29 and August 21.

Tests from one of the investigations confirmed the damage found on one car was consistent with a bullet. Law enforcement said that other cases also likely resulted from the use of a weapon.



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The Week in Pictures: Groundhog Day Edition

Steven Hayward

August 29, 2015


Yeah, I know, it isn’t anywhere near February 2, but I go away for two weeks and I expect that some things might have changed while I was away. But no: the news is still: Trump, Trump, China, Trump, Hillary emails, Trump, the stock market, Trump, Biden??, Trump, Trump, NFL pre-season, Trump, and the Kardashians, whoever they are. Trump-Kardashian 2016? Or how about Trump-Jenner?




























































And finally. . .




Hot Blond....Big Gun...What's Not To Love?

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Why is this Domestic Terrorist the Inspiration for #Black Lives Matters?



The absolutely moronic movement known as #BlackLivesMatter has swept through various parts of the country, including Ferguson, Baltimore and New York. However, the inspiration for this racist movement is a convicted cop killer on the FBI's "Most Wanted List" by the name of Assata Shakur, aka Joanne Deborah Chesimard.


Chesimard is radical Marxist feminist who escaped prison in 1979 while serving a life sentence for murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster.


Paul Josheph Watson expounds upon the incident and what followed:


On the night of May 2, 1973, Shakur, along with two other accomplices, killed Foerster execution-style at point-blank range during a routine traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike in East Brunswick.


For Shakur, the shooting was the culmination of years of militant radicalism during which she joined and left the Black Panther Party because it was not violent enough, before subsequently joining the Black Liberation Army, a domestic terror outfit responsible for bombings and assassinations throughout the 1970's which claimed the lives of 13 police officers.


The Black Liberation Army was supported by the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, a group responsible for bombings targeting the United States Capitol and the Pentagon.


In 1971, Shakur also joined the Republic of New Afrika, a group committed to establishing a separatist black-ruled country within the states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.


After escaping from jail with the aid of three members of the Black Liberation Army, Shakur was given political asylum in Communist Cuba where she still remains to this day despite numerous attempts to extradite her.


In 2013, the FBI added Shakur to their 'Most Wanted Terrorists' – the first woman to ever appear on the infamous list. The reward for information leading to her capture was subsequently doubled and now stands at $2 million dollars.




EagleRising via MyEmail

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