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How Washington Bribes the States


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How Washington Bribes the States


Saving Congress from Itself: Emancipating the States and Empowering Their People,


James L. Buckley, Encounter Books, 102 pages


By CARL T. BOGUSMay 26, 2015


James L. Buckley is a dangerous man. He is able to persuade ideological adversaries to reconsider some of their fundamental public-policy assumptions. He has done this to me before, and now with his new book he has done it again.


Buckley is, of course, the estimable former senator and judge. In 1970, running on the Conservative Party ticket in a three-way race, Buckley won election to U.S. Senate from New York. On March 19, 1974, Senator Buckley publicly called for Richard Nixon to resign, declaring that the people had lost faith in the president’s moral authority. Coming from a conservative who himself possessed considerable moral authority, that was an arrow to the heart of Nixon’s strategy of attempting to persevere through the Watergate crisis by stonewalling congressional investigations.


Ultimately, however, Buckley was too conservative for New York, and in 1976 he was defeated in a two-candidate race Scissors-32x32.png


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