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don%E2%80%99t-underestimate-guyAmerican Spectator:

It has been a long time since the nation has had an articulate leader. Contrary to the fawning of the mainstream media, and the loyalty of the usual progressive suspects, our current president is not articulate. Not even close.


The word articulate implies at least a modicum of substance. To be articulate, one has to be right at least some of the time. Barack Obama hasn’t been right about anything since he told us that he would fundamentally change the nation. He’s bad for, as the lawyers phrase it in their objections, assuming facts not in evidence. What he is is glib. When the teleprompter is working, we can sometimes go so far as slick. But he’s not articulate.


Another dimension of articulateness is clarity. Obama fails this test as well. A favorite tic of the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill was to preface some horrendous whopper with, “To be perfectly truthful.” (Tip looked as much like a dodgy Boston politician as it is possible to look, which was convenient for him as he was a dodgy Boston politician.) Obama’s variation of this is, “Let me be clear,” which he often uses before saying something that is anything but. When unscripted, he wanders in search of the plot. He has a distinct preference for the vague over the concrete, the better to disguise the lack of thought and knowledge behind his words. And the better not to be pinned down later.Scissors-32x32.png


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MIAMI, Florida — As Sen. Marco Rubio prepares to launch his presidential campaign on Monday, he gave an exclusive interview to Breitbart News about his preparations for the big day, what this day means for his family, what he thinks his unique voice will add to the race, and what he believes the Republican Party must do in order to successfully reach the American people.


Rubio is well known for being a dynamic public speaker, never needing a teleprompter and rarely even using notes. His rhetorical skills were on display in a teaser video posted on Friday to promote his announcement, which contained highlight clips from his speeches over the past few years. Monday, Rubio enters the national spotlight more than he ever has been before, and Breitbart News asked him if he was doing anything different to prepare for this speech than he had for prior events.


“I’m trying to keep it as normal as we possibly can,” replied Rubio, who added that he had been focusing on spending as much time as possible with his family. Rubio and his wife Jeanette have four children. “I still have a young family and I have important obligations to them, which are more important than anything else I do.”Scissors-32x32.png



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Marco Rubio Formally Announces 2016 Presidential Bid


APRIL 13, 2015


MIAMI Senator Marco Rubio of Florida formally announced on Monday that he is running for president, declaring that he is the best person to lead the United States into another American century.


Mr. Rubio made his formal announcement Monday evening during a speech here in which he presented himself as the embodiment of generational change who can unite the Republican Partys factions and offer economic solutions for the 21st century.


At 43, the youngest candidate in the rapidly growing 2016 presidential field, Mr. Rubio cast himself as a forward-looking, next-generation leader and an implicit contrast with both Jeb Bush, 62, whose family has dominated Republican politics for nearly three decades, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, 67, the wife of a former president and the most likely Democratic nominee.,


Too many of our leaders and our ideas are stuck in the 20th Century, Mr. Rubio said, pointing to costly education programs and tax and spend policies of the 1990s.


In a direct attack on Mrs. Clintons candidacy, which she announed Sunday, Mr. Rubio said, Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. Yesterday is over and were never going back.







Very Good Speech...Waiting for it to be posted on You Tube.

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The case against Marco Rubio

Paul Mirengoff

April 14, 2015


David Harsanyi makes the case for Marco Rubio, who entered the presidential race yesterday. The case is this: “When it comes to natural political talent, it unlikely the GOP can do better” than Rubio.


Harsanyi may well be right. We don’t know how Rubio will perform as a candidate over the long haul, but all indications are that he is a gifted politician.


But what kind of president would Rubio make? Surely the question is relevant, particularly because there may be other GOP hopeful who could run well against Hillary Clinton.


Here we come to the case against Rubio.


Rubio has been in the Senate for a little more than four years. During this time, his only major accomplishment was sponsoring and helping to pass (in the Senate) comprehensive immigration reform, which included amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.


This is the essence of Rubio’s record. Sure, he cast plenty of good votes. But his votes don’t distinguish him appreciably from his rivals, most of whom either did or would have voted the same way on virtually everything except immigration reform.



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