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Historic Hillary? She’s Running for Someone Else’s Third Term.


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historic-hillary-clinton-shes-running-for-someone-elses-third-term-obamaCommentary Magazine:

Historic Hillary? She’s Running for Someone Else’s Third Term.


Jonathan S. Tobin | @tobincommentary04.12.2015 - 12:40 PM

The keyword for today’s launch of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency is a prefix: re. For Mrs. Clinton, it’s all about re-inventing and re-introducing. What is being described as a “low key” and “small scale” announcement via social media is an effort to learn the mistakes from her failed 2008 campaign. There will be plenty of money raised and a fair amount of adulation from the always-compliant mainstream liberal media that will take seriously her claim to be running because she cares about the economic security of middle-class families. She doesn’t have any serious competition for the Democratic nomination and can still count on the energy that will be generated by the possibility of electing of our first female president. Yet the hoopla about the start of her coronation tour can’t conceal the fact that she has no real rationale for her candidacy other than it may finally be her turn. More troubling for the former first lady and secretary of state is the fact that she will be running for Barack Obama’s third term as well as that of her husband Bill. That’s why all that reinventing and reintroducing are bound to fall flat outside of the precincts of Clinton loyalists. Scissors-32x32.png

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Where Were You When You Heard the News About Hillary?


Claire Berlinski April 12, 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen of Ricochet, I’m sure you are as surprised, stunned, and deeply moved by the news as me. Who would have thought we would see the day? Hillary Clinton has announced–to the nation’s astonishment and wonder–that she plans to run for President of the United States!



I am so surprised, and so excited, that tears are running down my face.



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Salon! ohmy.png


Hillary Clinton just doesn’t get it: She’s already running a losing campaign
Rand Paul has edged in front of her. Jeb thinks she'll be easy to defeat. She's playing right into their hands

Bill Curry

Sunday, Apr 12, 2015 04:58 AM CST


Hillary Clinton joins the race for president today. If you believe the leaks from her staff, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t, she’ll do it in a video released at noon as she herself flies high above the nation in a chartered plane. She and her top advisors, all smart people, must think it’s a good idea. It doesn’t feel like one.


For months Clinton has run a front-porch campaign — if by porch you mean Boo Radley’s. Getting her outdoors is hard enough; when she does get out it’s often to give paid speeches to people who look just like her: educated, prosperous and privileged. Needing desperately to connect with the broader public, she opts for the virtual reality of a pre-taped video delivered via social media. Go figure.


Her leakers say she’ll head out on a listening tour like the one that kicked off her first Senate race. They say listening to real people talk about real stuff will make her seem more real. This too may be a good idea, but it made more sense when she was a rookie candidate seeking a lesser office in a state she barely knew. Running for president is different. So are the times. Voters are more desperate now, and in a far worse mood. If you invite their questions, you’d better have some answers. I’ll return to this point shortly.


Her leakers say she’ll avoid big events, rallies, stadiums, that sort of thing. This is about 2008, when she and her tone-deaf team seemed to be planning a coronation. This time they say she doesn’t want to come off as quite so presumptuous. Yet next week she keynotes a ‘Global Women’s Summit’ cohosted by Tina Brown and the New York Times, at which “world leaders, industry icons, movie stars and CEOs convene with artists, rebels, peacemakers and activists to tell their stories and share their plans of action.” Orchestra seats go for $300.



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