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Boehner's embrace of GOP rebels nudges House caucus to right


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boehners-embrace-gop-rebels-nudges-house-caucus-081907046--politics.htmlYahoo News:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Die-hard House conservatives bungled a coup against House Speaker John Boehner but now look like winners, pushing Republicans farther right.


Rather than punish and isolate those who opposed him as leader, Boehner surprised many on Friday by embracing an immigration plan that's tougher than lawmakers had expected. It would block President Barack Obama's recent limits on deportations and undo protections for immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.


The House is heading toward a vote Wednesday.


As the rebellious hard-liners celebrated, mainstream Republicans said Boehner's decision probably portends firmly conservative approaches to other issues. That would complicate life for some of the more moderate Senate Republicans and ensure fierce battles with the Democratic president.


Florida Rep. Richard Nugent, one of the 25 House Republicans who voted to oust Boehner, praised the Boehner-backed immigration plan.



Boehner suddenly discovers new friends?

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John Boehner today stated he liked puppies. The Rightwing protested "What about Kitty Cats!.


I haven't checked out the usual sites (TOS) but I'd make a small wager this was the response. For so many on our side there is nothing he can do right.

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