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Holder mum on report Petraeus faces felony charges, as senators rally for the ex-CIA director


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holder-mum-on-report-petraeus-faces-felony-charges-as-senators-rally-for-ex-ciaFox News:

Attorney General Eric Holder declined to say on Sunday whether U.S. prosecutors have recommended felony charges against ex-CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus for allegedly disclosing government secrets, but downplayed a news report stating the federal probe is complete, as Senate leaders rally to support the ex-military leader.


Petraeus resigned from the CIA in 2012 after a federal investigation found he was having an extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell and concluded he gave her classified information.


Holder told ABC’s “This Week” that news reports based on information leaked by anonymous sources are “frequently inaccurate” and assured members of Congress that Petraeus would be treated fairly.


“I share their concern and assure them and the rest of America that any investigation will be done in a fair and appropriate way” said Holder, the country’s top law enforcement official.


Holder, who last year announced he would retire after President Obama found his replacement, did not say whether the Petraeus case would be concluded under him.



Holder punts Petraeus case?

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