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The Dumbest 57 Seconds Ever On TV?


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dumbest-57-seconds-ever-tv-jonah-goldbergNational Review/The Corner:

Jonah Goldberg

January 7, 2015 10:32 PM


Adam Baldwin linked to this MSNBC clip with a succinct tweet ”Spot the morons/cowards.”



All due respect to Adam, but his understatement is almost a scandal. We’ve posted a lot of incredibly stupid sound bites from MSNBC and other places around here, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dumber exchange. I don’t know who the guy is making the astoundingly obtuse comparison between Jerry Falwell and a bunch of cold-blooded murderers, but as incandescently stupid as that analogy is it’s eclipsed by Wagner’s smug, knowing nods as he talks.








I think I'm going apply for a job at MSNBC. Hey I can say really stupid things...and have...on a regular basis. Ok not quite Rev. Al & Crazy Ed stupid...but then who has, but still I think I could really make my mark there, + I work cheap and given their ratings that's gotta be a real plus.

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