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"Last Great Mafia Empire" Update


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Cosa Nostra News

Nov 7 2014





Today I had hoped to have the button up, the one you click to purchase the ebook I wrote with former Bonanno capo Dominick Cicale: The Cicale Files, Vol. 1: Inside the Last Great Mafia Empire. As indicated this is only the first of a series we have planned.

But it looks like getting that button up is going to take a couple of more days. We're looking to launch by Monday, hopefully earlier.

I hope you all buy a copy, especially since Dom padded his goddamn expenses... You won't believe how many copies we have to sell before yours truly sees a single nickel! Just kidding...

But I am not kidding about hoping you all buy a copy.

It's going to cost less than $5, and we packed the book with as much value as possible. Researching extensively to set the background and context for Dominick's information, I tried to focus on little-known facts that were part of some of the major events described in the book.


For example, did you know that "Sonny Red" Indelicato was under investigation for the murder of Crazy Joe Gallo when he was killed? Or that on the night of the three-capo meeting, he scattered his crews throughout New York City in case the loyalist faction tried to take them all out in one strike? In addition, several Bonanno members supposedly stayed with Tommy “Karate” Pitera while the three capos were slaughtered.









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