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Top US Official: US Less Safe than on 9/10/2001


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an-interview-with-a-realistThe Feed:



The United States faces a greater danger today from radical jihadi terrorism than it did before the 9/11 attacks, said the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. In a wide ranging and candid Yesterday, interview with Breaking Defense, retiring Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn rang the alarm bells in an administration that has been trying to downplay the terror threat since 2009. Flynn, who had a reputation for being “disruptive,” says that there are more terror groups than ever before, they have more members, they hate the United States as much as ever and they are far better trained and equipped than they used to be.




In 2004, there were 21 total Islamic terrorist groups spread out in 18 countries. Today, there are 41 Islamic terrorist groups spread out in 24 countries. A lot of these groups have the intention to attack Western interests, to include Western embassies and in some cases Western countries. Some have both the intention and some capability to attack the United States homeland.


For instance, we’re doing all we can to understand the outflow of foreign fighters from Syria and Iraq, many of them with Western passports, because another threat I’ve warned about is Islamic terrorists in Syria acquiring chemical or biological weapons. We know they are trying to get their hands on chemical weapons and use what they already have to create a chemical weapons capability.



How much trouble are we in?



Remember anthrax was used in 2001 [killing five people] and pretty much paralyzed Capitol Hill. If that anthrax had been dispersed more efficiently, it could have killed a quarter million people.



Those who want to downplay the terror threat are missing, says Flynn, the reality that the terrorists are doing everything they can to raise their game.









Don't worry! Fearless leader has got this covered.



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