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Let It Bleed


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let_it_bleed_iraq_isis_syria_airstrikes_israel_palestine_gaza_iranForeign Policy: Let It Bleed

Every time the U.S. touches the Middle East, it makes things worse. It's time to walk away and not look back.

Stephen M. Walt

Incase you hadn't noticed, the Middle East is going from bad to worse these days.

The Syrian civil war grinds on. Israel and the Palestinians spent the last month in another pointless bloodletting (most of the blood being Palestinian). ISIS keepsexpanding its control in parts of Iraq, placing thousands of members of the Yazidi religious sect in peril and leading the Obama administration to consider airstrikesor some form of airborne humanitarian aid. Meanwhile, officials back in Baghdad snipe mostly at each other. Libya continues to unravel, belying the high-fives that liberal hawks Scissors-32x32.png


So I guess this writer would let the killing fields continue

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Getting Dragged Back Into Iraq

By DANIEL LARISON August 8, 2014, 11:00 AM

Ramzy Mardini makes the case against military action against ISIS:


President Obama would be best served by demonstrating military restraint. Armed intervention will not end the civil war in Iraq, and therefore will not end the atrocities being witnessed today. The horrors experienced by Iraq’s religious minorities at the hands of militants are indeed catastrophic, and the United States should do all it can short of direct military engagement to assist their safe passage – especially with regards to humanitarian aid, logistics and intelligence.


ISIS is certainly a problem that must not be ignored, but it does not sufficiently constitute a strategic threat to the United States.


Here’s another writer who thinks with his A**, just let the killing fields continue

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