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Barack Obama in December of 2011 declaring the mission in Iraq accomplished -- in his words, a "success." According to the president, we were leaving behind an Iraq that was "stable and self-reliant."

Except we weren't, and Obama knew it and so did anyone else paying attention.

Oh, the war in Iraq was won, but it wouldn’t stay won without an American presence.

Regardless, the President bugged out of Iraq without an all-important status of forces agreement. In other words, like the stabilizing troops we still have in Japan, Germany, and South Korea -- we left no one in Iraq.

The results in Iraq have already been catastrophic. But if Obama, the Democrats, and media stay true to their obvious desire to have Iraq go down in the loss column for America, these days will be remembered as the good ole' days.

Thanks to Obama's highly dangerous combination for ambition and ignorance, ISIS is now a terrorist nation-state within Iraq (and part of Syria) with a standing army, a command and control infrastructure, control of a 600-mile front in the North, and a half-billion dollars. It gets worse…Scissors-32x32.png

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