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unimportance-being-earnestThe American Spectator: THE UNIMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST

The press secretary position has become an abomination.

By Jay D. Homnick 8.8.14

I don’t mean to josh; I mean this in earnest. I think it is time to eliminate the office of White House press secretary. There is no point in having a permanent Commender-in-Chief to tell us how great a job the President is doing, without regard to reality, actuality, verity or accuracy.


This musing overtook me earlier this week as I watched the presiding plenipotentiary of the podium, Josh Earnest (I promise I am not making this name up), field a query about a contradiction between Second Term Obama and his popular predecessor, First Term Obama. Apparently old First Term was recorded saying he could not go about changing immigration law on his own because that power was reserved to Congress by the Constitution. However, Second Term has been saying that since Congress won’t do their job because they are busy trying to stop him from doing his job he must stop doing his job and do their job for them instead. For the uninitiated, this is the translation into Flapdoodle of promising to change immigration law by his lonesome. Scissors-32x32.png

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Oddly enough, the ideal press secretary would be a combination of joshing and earnestness. A kidding relationship with the pack of journalists baying at his heels for more than he can give, tempered by an earnest effort to present fairly the facts that he can share.

That's a pretty good description of how Tony Snow handled the job, I thought.

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