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Union-Backed Lobbying Group Attacking Education Reformer


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union-backed-lobbying-group-attacking-education-reformerFree Beacon:

A new attack campaign against former CNN anchor and school reform advocate Campbell Brown is being led by a team of union-funded lobbying groups.


The Alliance for Quality Education and the New York Communities for Change launched the campaign against Brown, who is spearheading an effort to reform New York’s teacher tenure policy, BuzzFeed reported on Friday. The groups are seeking to portray Brown as a staunch right-winger “with zero credibility on education,” a spokesperson for NYCC told BuzzFeed.


The campaign includes a website and fake Twitter account caricaturing Brown. As of Friday afternoon the parodic Twitter account had just 55 followers.


The Twitter account suggests that Brown’s legal challenge to the state’s teacher tenure rules is motivated by undisclosed donations.Scissors-32x32.png


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