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Obama’s Bush Complex


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obamas-bush-complex-n1872464Town Hall:

President Obama’s presidency is in many ways the sad tale of a promising and, at one time, confident rising star who instead withered into an equivocating and uncertain Hamlet-like figure. He is haunted by a ghost named President Bush.


What started as a rhetorical and admittedly effective political device to provide voters with a contrast between himself and his predecessor has morphed into an all-consuming and downright paralyzing specter. One that haunts nearly every foreign policy decision he tries, unsuccessfully, to make.


Bush may as well still be in the White House, because Obama can’t make a move without first thinking of him.


The result is a failed foreign policy made up of countless mistakes and missed opportunities. The first was when the White House giddily announced to all interestedScissors-32x32.png

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