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IRS copycat? Milwaukee lawmaker requests audit for ‘political retribution’


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MILWAUKEE, Wis — A liberal Milwaukee County board member with ties to Big Labor is taking a page out of the Internal Revenue Service playbook.


County Supervisor David Bowen, who worked with Service Employees International Union-affiliated officials on the county’s newly implemented “living wage” law, is calling for a county audit of Supportive Homecare Options Inc., one of three private firms contracted with the Milwaukee County Department of Family Care.


Bowen is making the request even though Family Care officials review budget documents every year and have found no financial inconsistencies with Supportive Homecare Options’ records, sources say.


Sally Sprenger, owner of Supportive Homecare Options, has been an outspoken critic of Bowen’s taxpayer-funded wage increase since the very beginning, mainly because the millions in added costs are projected to exhaust the reserves of Family Care by 2019, jeopardizing the jobs of her company’s nearly 1,200 employees.


During close to eight months of collective bargaining negotiations, Sprenger also hasn’t caved in to SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin’s demands that she require her entire workforce to join the union.Scissors-32x32.png

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