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Either Way, Perry Ready for 2016


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either_way_perry_ready_for_2016_123548.htmlReal Clear Politics: Either Way, Perry Ready for 2016

By Salena Zito - August 3, 2014

Rick Perry won't decide before early next year if he will run for president again in 2016, but he does not “shy away from telling people that I am actively considering it.”


“The lessons I learned in 2011 were frustrating and humbling,” the Texas Republican says. “I may have been a little arrogant in my thinking that I had been the governor of Texas for 12 years and what could be harder than that?”


He found out quickly that some things are harder. And running for president of the United States is one of them.


He admits that engaging “in an intellectual discussion about the affairs of this world takes a substantial amount of preparation, and I did not do that.”


“With that said, I know what is required now. I am going through that process of being prepared. And, so, I may decide that this is not right for me, right for my family — and if I do, that will be what that will be.” Scissors-32x32.png

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