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Gaza’s West Side Story:


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Deborah Danan

July 31, 2014


On Wednesday afternoon, July 29, Hilel K waited for his wife outside the delivery room in Asaf Harofeh hospital. She had just given birth to a baby girl.


It had been a long night for Hilel. He had driven home to Lod at 5am after having had the misfortune of being in Eshkol at the exact time that the mortars fell the night before, killing four Israeli soldiers and wounding several others. A truck driver who immigrated from County Derry, Ireland, when he was 17, Hilel is no stranger to peril.


A few days back, on July 22nd, Hilel posted a personal account of his friendship with a Palestinian from Gaza on his Facebook profile. The post, in Hebrew, triggered hundreds of shares but also sparked vociferous reactions from right-wingers, left-wingers and Arabs from Israel and elsewhere.


This is Hilel’s chilling story:






Hamas Bastards!!! angry.png

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