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A Brief History Of Proportionality


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?p=45976Shot In the Dark:

Mitch Berg

July 30 2014


Act 1


[SCENE: The New Jersey-side bank of the Delaware River, December 24, 1776. General George WASHINGTON, having just led the ragged Continental Army across the Delaware River, is having a final conference with his senior officers before attacking the Hessians, who are passed out, hung over after their Christmas drinking binges, in their winter camp in Trenton New Jersey.]


WASHINGTON: Our revolution has had major setbacks this past year. Now is our time to strike back, re-set the balance of this war, and convince the French, Dutch and Spanish that the Revolution can be sustained!


[The generals cheer - except for A. LIBRELLE, a civilian bureaucrat attached to the Army by the group Justice For Britain].


LIBRELLE: I’m sorry, General. This attack is disproportionate. Your men need to get drunk,, become hung over, and then wake the Hessians so it can be a fair fight. And lose the cannon.


General Marquis de LAFAYETTE: Sacre bleu, is this person mad?





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