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Strong Values for a Strong America


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strong-values-strong-america-marco-rubioNational Review:

A conservative approach to family values is crucial to the idea of America.

Marco Rubio



Judged by most modern standards, my background is certainly not one of privilege. My parents worked service-sector jobs, never made much money and had no connections to power or influence. And yet I consider myself to be a child of privilege.


I was raised by two parents who were married to each other, who instilled in us the expectation that we would get our educations, work toward careers, and one day get married and start families of our own. My parents gave me an enormous advantage because they instilled in me the values that led me to go about my life in a specific sequence.


In America, if you get an education, find a good job, and wait until marriage to have children, your chances of achieving economic security are incredibly high. In fact, if everyone in America lived lives that went in this order, the poverty rate could be cut by an estimated 70 percent.




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