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olbermann-wannabes-playAmerican Spectator:

Once again Tony Dungy demonstrates why many consider him the classiest and most thoroughly decent man in professional sport. And the national sports press demonstrates again that it is mostly a pack of mindless, left-ideology-besotted jackals with no more principles, restraint, or sense of proportion than their news-side brethren (and sistren). Perhaps less.


The latest obsession of the sport media, though by no means an obsession of American sports fans, is St. Louis Rams rookie defensive end Michael Sam, who is the first openly gay player in the NFL, and therefore a cultural hero to the mainstream media and other poobahs of the cultural cognoscenti. A large scrum of reporters is trailing Sam and reporting his every action, thought, and move. They’re also acting as a kind of Inquisition, outing and punishing those who do not celebrate Sam’s arrival with unalloyed joy and in exactly the language that the homosexual political movement and the Left’s cultural police demand of us all. Scissors-32x32.png

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