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Wisconsin schemin’


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wisconsin-schemin.phpPower Line:

Scott Johnson

July 18, 2014


on’t miss John’s post on the Democrats’ ongoing efforts to drive conservatives out of politics. Next door in Wisconsin we have an example in small of the Democrats’ skullduggery, combining the use of campaign finance regulation, a lawless witch hunt by partisan prosecutors conducting a John Doe investigation and the possible connivance of the state’s Government Accountability Board (i.e., the regulatory agency enforcing the state’s campaign finance law).


The victims of the investigation including the Wisconsin Club For Growth have fought back, filing a lawsuit in federal court in which the legality of the investigation is challenged. Judge Randa has entered a preliminary injunction shutting down the investigation. John also wrote about the proceedings in “The latest Scott Walker smear, debunked.”


The victims of the Wisconsin investigation have asserted civil rights claims against the prosecutors. M.D. Kittle updates readers on the latest action in the lawsuit. On Monday, Kittle reports, the Seventh Circuit upheld Judge Randa’s preliminary injunction. Enter the Government Accountability Board, against whom plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit now seek to add a claim for declaratory relief:



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