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Cloward-Piven Everywhere


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cloward-piven-everywhereP J Media:

Cloward-Piven Everywhere

Ed Driscoll, PJMedia.com

"The Obama administration-driven calamity at this nation's southern border is no naivet�-caused accident," Tom Blumer wrote on June 24th. "Instead, it's the latest manifestation of what clear-eyed observers must recognize is just one of many concerted attempts to overwhelm this nation's institutions and its social, psychological and physical infrastructure for the apparent purpose of leaving it permanently weakened and fundamentally changed." As Tom concluded: "For all practical purposes, Cloward-Piven is now a staple of leftist electoral campaign strategy." As to the recent wave of "Unaccompanied Alien Children" -- that's the DHS's term, not mine -- make no mistake. President Barack Obama and his advisers had to know that hordes of unaccompanied children would be sent to cross our southern border when he unilaterally imposed "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" in June of 2012. Despite seeing its results, Homeland Security renewed DACA for two more years earlier this month. The default assumption simply must be that "Obama is using these children as pawns to implement his goal of universal citizenship for illegal immigrants." In other words, it's Cloward-Piven, yet again... Scissors-32x32.png

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