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211571-what-are-they-thinkingThe Hill:

David Russell

July 14 2014


There are a couple of questions about conservatives that leave liberals scratching their heads and driving partisanship deeper into their collective psyche. Namely, why are the wealthy so single-mindedly pressing government for more when they already have so much, and how is it that ordinary Americans who support them actually believe there is any benefit for them to do so?


You have to hand it to conservatives; they have managed to gain enough political sway to effectively hamstring the federal government. Their control of the House of Representatives has produced 56 public laws so far this year and 65 last year, making them "the least productive in history." The Senate has fared even worse as the minority's right to filibuster or delay has made that body even more unproductive. The collective stance of conservative opposition to anything other than tax reduction or downsizing of government programs has had the added effect of discrediting the president to the point now where he appears as feckless as they have claimed him to be, all the while they are claiming him to be an autocrat.


Their representation on the Supreme Court has codified the rights of corporations, diminished workers' rights and partially dismantled civil rights legislation with an open invitation to bring lawsuits to further disenfranchise women, minorities and other folks. They have enough support in the media so that intelligent discussion takes place in dark corners, not in the mainstream, but the conservative memes of threats to security, international cowardice and public waste all come through loud and clear. Their attack on the electoral process is so thorough that it will undoubtedly hold a place in history as a premier case study in political manipulation. Their use of the American Legislative Exchange Council is a brilliant means of impacting their ideological views all the way down to the local level by providing state legislators "sample" drafts of legislation for restricting voting, abortion rights, environmental efforts and the like.








2 Completely Different Nations

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Well, this confirms it - no billion dollar Federal government study needed - socialists/progressives/liberal lefties/intellectual elites are socialist/progressives/liberal lefties/intellectual elites.

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