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Battle Cons and Wonk Cons Must Work Together To Destroy Liberalism


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Kurt Schlichter

Jul 14, 2014


Some conservatives live to fight.They love to take their opponents down. They hate compromise and hesitation.Think Andrew Breitbart taking over Anthony Wiener’s news conference.


Call us the Battle Cons.We feed off of the energy of conflict; we’re commandos in the war for America's culture.


And we aren’t enough.Sure, we’re fine when you need to break the glass in case of emergency, our chests emblazoned with the words “Front Toward Enemy” like a Claymore mine.But we cannot be the entire conservative movement.We need the Wonk Cons.


They’re the deep thinkers, the careful analysts, the craftsmen of future policies they hope to someday sell to whoever in the GOP manages to get some electoral juice down the road. Sam Tanenhaus’s recent New York Times Magazine article on the Wonk Cons asked, “Can the G.O.P. Be a Party of Ideas?”These are the guys who are supposed to answer “Yes.”



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