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Obama's Big Brother Database Grows Scarier By Day


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071014-708261-cfpb-official-blows-whistle-on-big-brother-database-breaches.htmInvestors Business Daily:

Privacy: President Obama promises your personal financial info will be safe in his Big Brother database, but the agency stockpiling that data by its own admission can't keep other, less-sensitive info safe.


Raising new data security and privacy fears, a former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau official has blown the whistle on the sievelike nature of the data the agency already is collecting and storing on consumers.


Kevin Williams, a former CFPB quality-assurance monitor, testified before a House banking subcommittee that there have been a number of incidents in which a consumer accidentally received another consumer's personal identifiable information after filing a complaint.


"We might see three this week. We might see five. We might not see any for a few weeks. But then it would sprout up again," Williams revealed.


"That's abnormal," he added. "You should not see that many in years."


Asked about it, a CFPB spokeswoman acknowledged some data security breaches, then shrugged, "Human error may happen."


That hardly inspires faith the agency can protect the highly sensitive private information it's collecting for a vast new database profiling the credit history of every American who's held a mortgage.Scissors-32x32.png

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