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Israeli air strikes in Gaza kill seven Hamas members


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Israeli-air-strikes-in-Gaza-kill-seven-Hamas-members.htmlUK Telegraph:

Deadliest day since 2012 for Hamas after Israeli military reports direct hits on terror sites in response to recent rocket attacks against southern Israel


07 Jul 2014


Israel launched a series of air strikes on Gaza early on Monday to quell Hamas rocket fire, and the Islamist group's armed wing said seven of its gunmen were killed, making it the deadliest day for Hamas since a 2012 cross-border war with the Jewish state.


Israeli military authorities confirmed the strikes, saying they "responded to rocket attacks against southern Israel," targeting "terror" sites and concealed rocket launchers. They said the attacks had made "direct hits."




The attacks followed a surge in rocket strikes at Israel from Gaza, where Hamas is the dominant force. The Israeli military said these attacks have topped 150 since mid-June, including 25 rockets striking Israel on Sunday.






Only 25 rockets! Those darn Jews are at it again! rolleyes.gif

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