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New Egypt terror group adopting 'lone wolf' approach


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Wissam Matta Translator(s)Kamal Fayad

July 3, 2014


“In the name of God the Merciful, may He stand beside us.” With those words, Ajnad Misr wrote their first tweet on Jan. 23, 2014, just two days before the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.


After their first tweet praising God, Ajnad Misr continued tweeting and published their manifesto titled “Retribution is Life” on Jan. 24. They later used that same title as a slogan and “signature” on social networking sites and on all communiques issued to take responsibility for subsequent bombing operations.


In its manifesto, as in its other communiques, Ajnad Misr adopted a rhetoric closer to the one espoused by the Muslim Brotherhood or its ideological allies in political Islam than that of other jihadist factions. Meanwhile, it intentionally resorted to Salafist terminologies, such as the “soldiers of oppression” and the “establishment of a state that pleases God almighty, the Quran and the Prophet’s teachings,” as well as quoting Sheikh al-Islam (Supreme Muslim Authority) Ibn Taymiyyah’s discourse about the “first emigrants and followers.”



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