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Activism: The Ideal of a ‘Liberal Arts Education’


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activism-the-ideal-of-a-liberal-arts-educationFront Page Magazine:

Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary, America: Imagine a World without Her, features interviews with such leftist academic rock stars as Howard Zinn. However, it’s crucial for Americans, and particularly those American who are parents, to realize that the contemporary academic world is chock full of lesser known Zinns.


The traditional academic ideal of the disinterested pursuit and dissemination of knowledge has fallen on hard times. Professors in the humanities and social sciences have spent no small portion of the 20th century lambasting it as, at best, incorrigibly naïve. Usually, though, they’ve gone further, rejecting the traditional ideal as a noxious, indeed, an oppressive, fiction.



In its stead, academics have replaced it with a new ideal, one more suited to their own ideological agenda: the purpose of academia, it is now widely held, is to promote the pursuit of “social justice.”


In other words, a “liberal arts education” should have as its aim the production of, not “well rounded” individuals, as had been traditionally thought, but social activists—i.e. committed leftists. Scissors-32x32.png

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