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John Zogby: 'Is it all over for Obama?'


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2550415Washington Examiner: President Obama's approval numbers are in the cellar, a new Quinnipiac University survey just dubbed him the worst president in six decades, so maybe it's no surprise that analyst and pollster John Zogby is asking: Is it all over for him?


Armed with new numbers that are depressing to an already deflated White House, Zogby on Wednesday found that most don't believe that Obama can lead the country and he compared the president to Bill Clinton following the Democrat's sweeping 1994 Congressional loss and when former White House Correspondent Brit Hume asked if Clinton was even relevant.


Mr. Obama finds himself in the uncomfortable position where every age group, independents, and whites all agree that the public has given up on his ability to accomplish anything before the end of his term, said Zogby in releasing his latest numbers.


In short, we see a president in full salvage mode. He is not only racing for his legacy but for his relevancy, Zogby added.


The analyst who pens a weekly report card on the president for Secrets, however, said that there is one positive in all of his polling: As much as Americans disapprove of Obama, they like Congress even less.




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It will be only be over in 930 and some odd days. This clown is going to make us miserable until the very end.



@NCTexan, see die deutsche Leatrice above



1. Seen this movie before....ie Is this President relevent?

2. You can be sure he will do all he can to make the life of we (evil right wingers) a living hell. Just wait until the 2016 election is over, and a Republican wins! shudder

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