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Ben Carson likens abortion in America to ‘human sacrifice’ of paganists


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ben-carson-likens-abortion-america-human-sacrificeWashington Times:

Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon-turned-conservative rock star — and an open follower of the Christian faith — likely ruffled liberal feathers with his most recent comment on abortion, during which he likened it to the biblical act of sacrificing humans.


He made the remark during an appearance on the Christian broadcast outlet, DoveTV, after host Perry Atkinson suggested that America could receive great blessings from God by outlawing abortion.


Specifically, Mr. Atkinson said, Raw Story reported: If the United States banned abortion, “all of the other things that God would be interested in helping us with would fall into alignment.”


Mr. Carson’s response seemed to refer to biblical passages that highlight God’s condemnation of pagan nations and religions that relied on human sacrifice — including the burning to death of children — as a means of appeasing and honoring their worshiped figures.Scissors-32x32.png

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