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Weekend Cocktail: Your Guide To Essential Bar Glasses


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Weekend Cocktail: Your Guide To Essential Bar Glasses

JUNE 28, 2014 By Neal Dewing

A cocktail’s appeal does not rest entirely on its taste. Dump a few fingers of Pappy Van Winkle into a Solo cup and sure enough, it’s still Pappy – but you are missing out on an important visual element. Whether it’s the delicate amber of a fine bourbon or the jewel tones of some ghastly mutant “martini,” how our drinks are prepared and presented affects our enjoyment of them. The best aid to both correct preparation and stylish presentation (besides constant, daily practice) is the right glass.


Owning proper glassware is an absolute must, whether you have a regular happy hour or you only enjoy the occasional evening tipple. As you become more established, a matching set makes a better impression than a hodgepodge assortment.


Below I’ve outlined the pieces that I believe Scissors-32x32.png


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