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How Harry Reid Is Destroying the Senate


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how-harry-reid-is-destroying-the-senate.phpPower Line:

John Hinderaker




We often hear that Washington is “broken,” that Congress is “gridlocked,” and so on. While such complaints are usually imprecise and sometimes misguided, the sense that Congress is not functioning as intended is correct. Yesterday Senator Jeff Sessions delivered an important speech in which he decried the decline of the Senate under the leadership of Harry Reid.

The extent to which the Senate’s traditions have been undermined to the detriment of all Americans is not generally appreciated, but the issue is a vital one. Senator Sessions said:


The Senate is where the great issues of our time are supposed to be examined, reviewed, and discussed before the whole nation. Yet, in the last few years, we have witnessed the dramatic erosion of Senators’ rights and the dismantling of the open legislative process.


We fund the government through massive omnibus bills that no one has had the time to read or analyze. Senators are stripped of their right to offer amendments. Bills are rushed through under threat of panic, crisis, or shutdown. Secret deals rule the day, and millions of Americans are essentially robbed of their ability to participate in the legislative process.

Under the tenure of Majority Leader Reid, the Senate is rapidly losing its historic role as a great deliberative body. If this continues, America will have lost something very precious.



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Posted on January 16, 2014 by Scott Johnson


The trouble with Harry


The Nevada Policy Research Institute has put together the compelling 37-second video compilation below of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doing his thing. The institute’s Nevada Journal has posted the video here.


The man has a remarkable capacity for mendacity, repetition, and enforcement of the party line. The video suggests to me that the trouble with Harry is the trouble with Obama and that the trouble with Obama is the trouble with the Democratic Party.


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