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Adjunct Professor Seeks Greener Academic Pastures in New, Online Business


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adjunct-professor-seeks-greener-academic-pastures-in-new-online-businessCollege Insurrection:

Leslie Eastman

January 17, 2014


We have recently featured commentary that professors who can’t get tenure should get real jobs and covered the emergence of online college course options.


One adjunct professor has obviously seen the writing on the wall, and is getting rid of the academic administrative middlemen to open a new, online business that will pay him more directly for the courses he plans to teach.



Daniel Fincke’s story about being an adjunct professor isn’t unique — at least not the first part. He spent 11 years teaching at and countless hours commuting to and from various institutions in and around New York City, for low pay and no job security. Years on the tenure-track market yielded no offers. And, like so many others in the same position, he wanted out.


But here’s where Fincke’s story diverges from the common narrative: Saying he can’t stay in a labor system he doesn’t believe in, and that he’s eager for new challenges, he’s publicly announced that he’s leaving academe — but not for a steady gig in another sector. Instead, he plans to expand his online, interactive philosophy course offerings and philosophical advising business. It’s a leap of faith of sorts for the ethicist and Nietzsche specialist, but he said it was simply time to move on.




Inside Higher Ed.

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The universities get a free ride from adjuncts while tenured profs get fat(ter)

This is one reason why some in the academy hate online learning. IMO the good professors tenured and otherwise will embrace this new way of reaching people.

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